Testing 7scenes in Washington Square Park

We decided that it was important to test the 7scenes app to familiarize ourselves with the platform. We had to be in the actual vicinity of the scenes in order to test them, so we headed to Washington Square Park where there was a heavy concentration of scenes.

We observed that the GPS location was not always accurate as we were in a heavily urban area with tall buildings. We also noticed that there was a variety of media embedded into locations. One can also upload media to specific locations.

We headed to a local Jamba Juice to brainstorm ideas about how we could effectively use physical space and locations in an interesting way.

We thought that it might be interesting to use the mechanic found in Photohunt as the basis for our game. We liked the idea of having users examine and search an actual space. It also gave us the opportunity to refer to the theme of “Redesigning the World.” By adding and deleting elements to various spaces via Photoshop, we could effectively redesign digital spaces as well as redesign the way a person thinks about a physical space.

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